Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Taking Stock: January 2017

We are already 24 days into the new year but it's never too late to pause and reflect. I fully intend to be more introspective in 2017 (Case in point, I dusted up the old journal and posted for the first time in a year!)

So let's take stock:

Making: nothing at the moment. However, I intend to bring to life some DIY home decor ideas.

Cooking: a lot of stews lately. Peas, ndengu, kamande. After December I feel as if I need a meat cleanse.

Drinking: hot lemon and honey. At the moment it's because of the sore throat. Two weeks back it was because of the metallic taste from those awful deworming meds.

Reading: A Long Way Down by Nick Hornby. Its very English. So much so that even though the main characters are all suicidal, you feel as if there is a general, "Chin up, old chap!" feeling all along. No one is more whiny than they have to be.

Wanting: potted succulents in my house! And a knitted bikini because I already have plans for the birthday!

Looking: inward, but not too much. I have a great relationship with my inner self but I think it could be better. At the same time, I am being intentional about keeping in touch with the people who matter.

Playing: some music from NPR Tiny Desk Concert

Wasting: time. Mainly because I am in a weird transitional / limbo phase at work. This definitely has to change. I need to improve my personal productivity.

Sewing: nothing. I am considering doing the alterations to my dira (sp) myself.

Wishing: as humans we weren't such sods who caused climate change and have definitely sentenced ourselves to a short, brutal life.

Enjoying: mango salsa for as long as the mango season lasts.

Waiting: for the sun to set anytime I need to go anywhere. Really, this weather has made me a night-walker.

Liking: many politically conscious posts on twitter. I don't imagine there is much logic behind the political scene, and the older I get the more politics stops to be amusing and becomes scary, but I still think knowledge is important.

Wondering: what the next year holds in store; with all the changes that I can foresee.

Loving: very many people, despite not saying it enough.

Hoping: my next house hunting episode in approx 2 months won't be as unfruitful as the previous one.

Marveling: at how God has been full of grace in  my life. Some of the most significant things in my life have been as a result of "accidental" encounters that could only have been arranged by God.

Needing: new pots and knives.

Smelling: nothing, with this flu!

Wearing: a flowery sundress that my mum bought me years back. Climate change may suck but we can still play the part while at it.

Following: recommendations from a handful of people on Pocket and I want to add more.

Noticing: how my appetite has improved since the exorcism deworming.

Knowing: an uncomfortable lot about the business of health in Kenya, that only makes the current doctors' strike harsher.

Thinking: that a 'taking stock' post is not as easy at it seems.

Feeling: excited to meet the people I'll be working with later today.

Bookmarking: book recommendations. From Obama to Thought Catalogue. I think I will read some non-fiction this year. First on my list is Trevor Noah's Born a Crime

Opening: windows in every PSV because we need to let some air in! I'd highly recommend it. Sharing the flu is not sexy.

Giggling Being amused: at seeing those masks that muggers wear (the ones with holes for the eyes and mouth) on sale at the flyover on Kahawa Wendani. I suppose thugs have to buy them from somewhere.

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