Thursday, 24 November 2016

9 reasons why the Standard Gauge Railway should be built AROUND and not THROUGH the Nairobi National Park

To the Director General NEMA,

9 reasons why the SGR should be built around and not through the national park:
  1. Elephants have long memories and big hearts. Do you really want to make their lives hell? (Also, have you watched Jungle Book? That should move you enough to be an animal conservationist)
  2. Trains are very loud and disruptive. Can you imagine the railway being built THROUGH your cattle pen?
  3. Animals aren't the best at reading signs, e.g., a railway crossing sign?
  4. Lions look great and I'd prefer them not to all die.
  5. Warthogs are kind of cool too and seem pretty shy. I'm pretty sure that the noise will make them uneasy.
  6. Man eating lions of Tsavo. This is a bit of a stretch, but isn't it dangerous for humans to build a railway while surrounded by wild animals? Case in point, history.
  7. We constantly build roads AROUND some rich people's houses so as not to offend them. Tourism makes a tonne of money, making the national park a rich person's home.
  8. Trespassing is illegal. Any person caught doing so can be mauled.
  9. People WILL feed the animals.
Please reconsider.

Yours truly,

I can see people petting / feeding the animals. Source: The Star

PS: Some reasons may not be strictly factual. For instance, I am not sure if there are elephants at the park. I'm pretty certain about the lions and warthogs, though!

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