Tuesday, 3 November 2015

Slipping Standards (and finally getting to watch Pretty Woman)

Recently I surprised a friend of mine with the knowledge that Beyonce is not only married, but now has a daughter (who she named for me... not that you will believe me). It is amazing really, how removed from culture some people can be! I can't judge him too harshly. You see, I just now watched Pretty Woman. And, by Jove (high school English has to be put into some use!), it may just have trumped 'My Sassy Girl' to get the coveted spot as my favorite romantic comedy of all time. 

This outfit! Admit it, it gives you ideas for the next Halloween.. 

I have heard the fairy tale, but watching it still blew my mind away. To think that the original script was a cautionary tale on the vagaries of drugs and prostitution. It was written for a film called '3000' that would have ended in Julia Roberts getting kicked to the curb and having money thrown at her. Kind of what would happen in REAL life! Instead romantic comedy came of age then.

I have maintained that the human race seemed to have hit its peak (artistically) and is now slowly deteriorating. I see it in our music where the IQ of lyrics wouldn't even intrigue a 12 year old. I see it in literature where fewer people are writing books; and those who are have to compete with all this garbage on the internet (for instance, this unnecessary blog). I see it in art that has to compete with memes. Acutely and most recently, I see it in the fact that in 1990 we had the potential to come up with 'Pretty Woman' while in 2015 our idea of romance was 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. Yes, rock bottom has a basement... and that basement is 'Fifty Shades of Grey'. Something is going seriously wrong!

However, sometimes my faith is rekindled by stumbling upon beauty in the most unexpected places. For instance, Nayyirah Waheed and her wonderful instagram page with some of the most beautiful lines ever written.

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