Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Kampala: Of Taking Risks and Killing Two Resolutions With One Stone

Hello World,

I feel as if it has been so long since I blogged that I should start afresh. To be honest I haven't been busy all along... but the past couple of weeks have been busy. I moved to Kampala! I have never lived more than 2 hours from my family... let alone out of the country. That said, making the decision to come here was a huge risk. I got so many goodbye calls, texts and audio messages full of well meant advice on how to handle Kampala life. If it were up to my mum I'd have moved in a truck full of supplies for the four month period. We struck a compromise at two suitcases!

I am greatly excited: first by moving out here and finally getting to live independently and explore... and second, by the work that I will be doing here. For the next four months I will be working with Unreasonable East Africa as a Financial Architect... which is a cool super hero-ey way of saying that I will be helping a group of East African entrepreneurs, operating ventures that seek to have great social impact, figure out their financial systems. I will get to work directly towards solving huge societal problems by providing solutions to a bunch of really passionate individuals. I wouldn't know about you, but for me that is living the dream!

My first impression of Kampala: "Where are all the people?" by Nairobi standards the streets seemed deserted. The matatus are too sane and the people too helpful. I am in a constant state of suspicion waiting for the other shoe to drop. The hilly terrain is quite the workout but I can work through that. Now all I need is a movie guy, a street bookseller and a good eyebrow trimmer and I can finally feel at home. Oh, and my boyfriend!

I also cannot get the hang of traffic police wearing white. For a moment I thought St. John's was just a really huge thing here. That said, my first few days have been okay. This is probably because I have a great support system and work with very wonderful people. I have successfully fulfilled my resolution to take more risks and to travel more this year. 22 has started off great!