Tuesday, 25 November 2014

School is Out

This is my final week of school. Actually, my final two days. I have waited for this moment since I was six and realized that school was not fun. We weren't here to play at break-time,  talk about the Tausi and make new friends. Six year old me couldn't understand why I had to wake up early to face bullies in the school van and bigger bullies in class (read 'teacher') just for a mark on my report card. However, when it became clear that this wasn't a passing phase... that I was stuck in school for at least 12 years, 16 if I was fortunate... I figured I might as well make the most out of it and pass. Besides, I was already doing homework for 3 or so bullies. Doing it conscientiously wouldn't make much difference.

I have to admit that school hasn't been as dreary as my 6 year old mind imagined it would be. I outgrew getting bullied, which was cool. I discovered that I enjoyed learning new things and actually did well in exams which made the teachers less menacing. I also made really good friends who made the thought of going to school less depressing.

Now, 16 years later, it has come to an end. I know I'll find myself back in school soon, but for the first time in my life, being a student will not be my identity. I am a good student... that I am immodest enough to admit. More often than not I understand what is being taught; I hand in assignments on time; I don't believe in cheating; and I know how to get myself up and going whenever I fail. I must admit that the constant rules are a little annoying but my God-given indifference has allowed me to coast through boarding school, high school and even four years at Strathmore unfazed.

Tomorrow morning, however, I will have to face the fact that I am no longer what I have been so good at being. For the first time in my life I won't know what next (well, there's that internship starting Monday but who knows how long that will last). I will have to delete the 'alleged student' description of me on my twitter bio; I will have to update my linked in profile; and most importantly, I will have to have that difficult conversation with Dad about whether student pocket money and rent privileges extend to post-school.

Despite the uncertainty, I am really happy, really grateful to God, really proud of myself. If I had to do it all over, I'd probably make most of the same choices. Nyeri Primary School was where I met some of the most amazing people I know; Kenya High School made me a better person (I grudgingly admit) and I met people who will stay in my heart for life; doing Actuarial Science at Strathmore with some of the most brilliant minds of our generation has been a pleasure.

So, adios school. Is this when 'real life' a.k.a 'life out there' begins because I have been waiting since I was 17!

We can't all be Steve Jobs... Some of us have to be John Legend and Elizabeth Banks...


  1. A good read as always :)

    I must say, I am equally nostalgic about finishing school.

  2. Thanks Faith. Bill was right... we all say how we couldn't wait to finish school but we'll all secretly miss some moments.