Thursday, 20 February 2014

Hannibal the Cannibal

I have expressed time and again my admiration for intelligent, mature (read old) men who are predisposed towards  the cynical and the satirical. These are not your jolly, good fellows with round bellies and bushy moustaches. My celebrity crushes prove this all too well. Dr. House, Will McAvoy, Denny Crane and Alan Shore rank high in my book while the Robert Pattinsons and Taylor Lautners don’t even feature. This said, it will be easier to understand why I was attracted to Dr. Hannibal Lecter from the first time I set eyes on him in the series ‘Hannibal’ which is based on Thomas Harris’ book: ‘The Silence of The Lambs’.
Not all classy men are gay... some are just cannibals.

Everything from his well-tailored suits, to his sleek hair and elaborate taste in cuisine demand one’s attention. His vast knowledge of all subjects under the sun just adds to the appeal the man holds. It also does no harm that he is European, with fine tastes in culture, music and books… or that he has unlimited wealth. Except for the small flaw that is his homicidal tendency and subsequent cannibalism, Dr. Lecter is a perfect man. Worthy of a place of honor in my book.

This week I have been reading ‘Hannibal’, the last book in the trilogy that introduces Dr Hannibal Lecter, and it has blown my mind. It is based on a period 7 years after Dr. Lecter escaped from a mental asylum, murdering dozens in the process. It would be impossible for me to review the book without feeling as if I am doing it a great injustice. All I can say is that it will keep you on your toes all through… and at the end of it all you’ll probably loath the monster while at the same time loving the man.

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  1. Got to get this book.Appeals interesting as regards to your review...