Friday, 14 February 2014

Date a Guy Who Writes

Date a guy who writes. You will fall in love with his words before you've even decided whether  you like him or not. You'll read his Facebook notes and chuckle when you discover this side of him that is so well hidden. You'll realize that maybe you should give him your number after all.

Date a guy who writes. His texts to you will be like the smell of rain on a dusty afternoon... refreshing. Much unlike the awkward phone conversations. You'll have to give him time to thrive in your inbox before he can awkwardly ask you what you are doing for the weekend... and if you would like to grab a coffee or something. You will soon realize that you almost always have to make the plans because this guy who writes more often than not, lives in his own head.

Date a guy who writes. His first declaration of love won't be a pompous display of affection. He will tag you on a link to something he wrote and you will realize that it's about you... it's you... it's always been you. You'll pretend not to get the euphemism until he can't take it any more and blurts it out to you.

Date a guy who writes. He will be far from perfect... probably farther than other guys. Maybe because he will be so complicated and transparent at the same time. You will get to see into his soul through his words, not his eyes. His hurt will seep through angry posts; his happiness will struggle to break through the nonchalant ones. You will recognize it because you will have grown to know him so well.

Date a guy who writes. If you are lucky you will get an opportunity to watch him weave that great manuscript. Turn solitary letters and words into a story. You will realize that his 'thinking face' is sexier than Dr. House's WTF face. He will look so beautiful... and you will love him so much then.
Ladies, if you don't find this sexy get your pheromone receptor checked!

Date a guy who writes. You will experience a strange mix of pride and jealousy when you discover that other people love his writing as much as you do ... that some even love him, though not as much as you do. You will know then that you can never be truly selfish with him.

Date a guy who writes. Yours will be a different relationship. He will baffle you with his genius, stupefy you with his stupidity. You'll be a character in his stories, his muse if you are that fortunate; an editor of his works in progress... the biggest fan of all his pieces.

Date a guy who writes. He will probably lack the words to write the most important story of all... his story. The one that details just how special he is. But that's where you'll come in. You'll chronicle those moments and be there to read them to him when he needs it. Date a guy who writes.
Zelda Fitzgerald: A woman who dated a guy who wrote...


  1. Date a guy who writes, because his lies will be as entertaining, twisted and occasionally as entertaining as the tales he concocts in his wily mind.

  2. Enough said. Ladies, wherever you are, don't shy away from me. Date me.

  3. The smell of rain of rain on a dusty afternoon being witty and humourous- interesting.

  4. Hi Ivy, get the girl version here,Date A Girl Who Writes | Thought Catalog.

    Loved your take all the same.
    Socrates .

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  6. :-) Why even bothet?
    "avid stalker"

  7. :-) Why even bother?
    "avid stalker"