Monday, 8 July 2013

Love... and Psychosis

We all have our demons, some darker than others.
Some easier to exorcise than others... to each their own.

We try to hide them from those we care about,
those that look up to us.... those whose opinions matter.

We try to hold them at arm's length,
to keep them from gazing into our eyes and seeing the demons trapped within.

But once in a while... once in a lifetime, perharps,
we run into that person who won't listen.
That one who won't stay at arm's length...
That one who holds your face and stares right into your eyes...
right at your demons...
and forces you to look at the demons hidden within their own eyes.

And when we find them... that one person,
then we finally realize that we are not alone...
that we need not hide anymore...
that finally someone understands us.

Some days the demons rage and roar... and it is hell.
But that person still remains there.

On other days we feel as if we can't stand their demons.
We allow ourselves to drift off.

But no matter how far we drift,
We still end up right where we started:
gazing right into each others eyes;
confronting the demons; and loving each other...
with or without the demons.

Imagine Dragons: Demons

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