Friday, 7 June 2013

Notable Suicide Notes

I am not a whiner… not even when my weekend already looks bleak yet it’s barely begun. Tomorrow I have a lunch date with mom and her sisters which will definitely get out of hand… but not even that will make me whiny. Instead, I choose to count my blessings. Life could be MUCH worse. I mean, look at all the people to whom life has dealt such a hard blow that they see little point in moving on… look at Huddah.   
Suicidal people make me feel sad when I think of what they must have gone through to get to that point of their lives where they feel as if they have nothing left to live for, not even death. But it’s even sadder when they botch up the whole suicide thing… or worse yet botch up the suicide note/ famous last words bit. 
Some of these will make you sadder... but others will make your day. Here goes...

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