Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Turning Twenty

Birthdays make me uncomfortable...
Just one short day to the long awaited Tweenies ( that reckless time between the ages 20 and 33) ! I feel ecstatic, to say the least. Finally, teenage hood is over! Mine hasn't exactly been the easiest of teenage-hoods. I was an abnormal teen. I can almost see you rolling your eyes and thinking: "Another one of those 'I'm unique and misunderstood. No one but Eminem gets me.' tales..." Well, this one isn't. It's more of a 'I'm strangely weird. No one but P!nk gets me' tale. :-D

I don't feel 20. To be frank, I haven't felt quite my age since I was like 10. My old soul doesn't quite fit in my young body. Really, I am such a Thirty-person. Those people for whom a coffee date and going out for drinks is similar save for the choice of beverage and the tempo of the music. Those people who can't stay up all night, no matter what. Like thirty-people, I have my tastes all figured out. If it's clothes, given the choice, I favour comfort over style... And because you are all dying to ask, the answer is: 'No, I have not embraced crocs yet.' For food, it's meat, meat and anything with meat... and pasta. I lean towards tall, skinny-ish men with a semblance of a sense of humour. Wit and a touch of class is also appreciated. Oh, and owning a pet... Either that or being an Arsenal fan, because either suggests having a soft spot for the underdog. Every girl likes a sensitive man. Men who read, can type actual words via text, men who can hold a conversation...

No, I will not step out of my little bubble and get a Mohawk. No, I don't think I could try sossi for a change... and I definitely won't date that huge-earphones-donning young man who has no idea who Edgar Allan Poe is!

My spectrum of tastes covers music, hair, past-times... so much more. I like my well planned out, predictable life. I am more constant than a hobbit, so I really doubt that there will be much recklessness going on in my tweenies. But, I dunno... Bilbo was an impeccable hobbit and look what happened to him! I might just surprise myself.

I feel great though... I have all what I need and some of what I need. Correction, I have all what I need except a Samsung Galaxy music... a blue one to be exact. As I turn 20 I strive to be more at ease. Life doesn't have to be all extremes. I can be happy without necessarily being ecstatic... I can be sad without letting it get to despondency... disappointed without being devastated... alone without being desolate... I'll look out for those infinite moments and stretch them out as far as they can go.

That said, Cheers to me! And to others in their tweenies: