Saturday, 28 July 2012


I wish I could use my first post here to gush about myself but that would be putting too much of myself out there. I would rather we took it slowly… this bizarre relationship where I write (not even sure if anyone will ever read this) and you read (without being sure who I am).

 We could start with the basics: like the fact that I am a 19 year old woman girl who likes to read, write, watch movies, listen to music, laugh with my friends and make fun of my small brother. That previous sentence sounded a lot like my list of activities on my facebook… makes it sound as if life is all rainbows and sunflowers with me.

It is, somewhat. I have everything I need and some of what I want. An amazing family, crazy friends, a complicated love-life, a major headache that is schoolwork, an evil sense of humour, free Wi-Fi at school, frequent releases from my favourite rock bands, and access to 10-bob popcorn whenever I crave it... and the opportunity to enjoy beautiful sunsets and sunrises from my bedroom window  in every other month except July.

When life is as simple as mine is, the Muse has to smile extra brilliantly and for long hours on end to provide me any inspiration. Hence the reason why I don’t believe that the Muse has anything to do with the myriad of ideas that crowd my mind begging to be released. Some are mere opinions... the proverbial two-cents-worth. Some are worth much less than that...
So, as I always tell Reza every time I am about to share something bizarre which he might not welcome with as much enthusiasm, ‘Wait for it...’     


  1. I admire your courage in starting a much as am an avid reader i`ve never been quite as enthusiastic as a writer...maybe it`s because i am by nature less expressive or maybe its simply cause that isn`t where my talents lie...anyway you should consider writing a blog about writing a blog, you know, for us less creative folks out there, who knows all we might need is a soft nudge in the right (write)direction...and knowing you, there is no one i know who would do a better job- Charles

  2. Charles, you flatter me. I couldn't possibly teach anyone how to write. Am still trying to figure that out.

    And about you not writing, not to worry. You have me, I can do your biography, seeing as you are one of the most interesting people I know.