Saturday, 6 June 2015

It Ain't Fun!

Fun || Paramore
Funny how they call it the pearl of Africa when there are no street lights. Aren't pearls supposed to be brilliant? Don’t mind me, I am not in the best mood at the moment. I have to get down to writing some reports for work… and I am actually glad for the chance to put all my concentration into that and not have to think about anything else. I’ll probably be able to push that into the better part of the weekend. And when that is done I can pour my heart and soul into cooking and making small meals for next week. I can also clean compulsively. Unfortunately, I braided my hair on Wednesday so I can’t turn the next idle day into wash day. What I am trying to put across is how mundane my life can be.

Strangely enough, 12 hours ago my life seemed pretty great and interesting and I couldn't wait for the weekend to begin. I had almost forgotten how that one person has the power to turn my most exciting day into another grey one using a simple statement, “Sorry, hun. I can’t make it.” But then again, the same person can turn the worst of days into a bearable one with a simple text. Ironic.
I read an article recently about how music lyrics are getting dumber with time. Apparently, as we stand, most music is at the IQ level of a second grader. I call this reverse evolution. We got to the smartest, most refined level as a species and now we are regressing. Didn't that happen to the Greeks too? Being an Indie fan, maybe my music passes for eighth grade IQ level, at least. It is depressing but not all hope is lost. For instance, I recently discovered Hopsin and ‘Ill Mind of Hopsin 5’ has become like a daily anthem. I think everyone should look it up and will probably be all the better for it.

I have come to the conclusion that I feel this disenchanted because this is like when the initial excitement of camping wears off and you now want to go back home to electricity, internet and sleeping indoors. I mean, I sleep indoors in Kampala too but I miss Nairobi now. I would almost trade the traffic to be able to drop into Ebrahims for almost anything I could need; to run into my best friend randomly on the streets and drop all other plans for the day; to catch up with my sister about her week; to sleep in my bed at home and to just have everyone I love close by. The fun of living in the real world is wearing off. No, Paramore… it ain't fun!

Hopefully (and seriously though!) this too shall come to pass and I’ll feel more like myself soon.

In other news, that feeling when you get your first pay-check before you have to pay the bills! Coincidentally, Bills by Lunchmoney Lewis is currently playing. I wonder what IQ level the lyrics are…

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  1. i love your train of thought and choice of's like swirling a glass of wine into a busy day. Be tagging me.

    Nice piece Ivy